These ridiculous Josephine No 2 wine glasses

These Josephinen Hütte glasses are gorgeous and offer a uniquely ethereal drinking experience.

These ridiculous Josephine No 2 wine glasses

I like a thin-lipped wine glass. Even though I'm more of a whiskey drinker and my wife is the wine person, I do enjoy a glass with pasta or meat enough to have a few strong preferences. And one of those is that I hate it when my wine glass feels like pottery. Thick walled wine glasses are extremely common in the US, where durability is prized above all.

These Josephinen Hütte glasses are, uh, not durable. What they are, though is incredibly gorgeous, insanely thin and very light. I could stack superlatives all day and you still wouldn't get it until you held one in your hands. It feels like you're holding heavy oxygen. When you drink from them it feels like the wine is materializing out of thin air into your mouth, it's really ridiculous.

Austrian designer Kurt Josef Zalto had a few rough years, and was pushed out of his namesake company. But this hand blown comeback is a banger. The fat bottomed shape is unique and lovely and the drinking experience is amazing.

The downside? They're $180 a pair. Don't bring these out for the guests, this is a glass to enjoy a nice big red alone or with your partner, carefully hand wash and dry and then tuck away.

That Terre di San Vito Il Vescovo is great, by the way.