I really like this clever iPhone case

OpenCase improves a bunch of things about the way that Apple's MagSafe and MagSafe accessories for iPhone work.

I really like this clever iPhone case

It's been a very long while since I wrote about any particular iPhone case outside of Apple's own models. A few weeks ago, though, my buddy reached out because he was helping someone bring their physical product ideas to market.

The product in question is called OpenCase and it improves a bunch of things about the way that Apple's MagSafe and MagSafe accessories work. At least that's the stated goal of the project's creator JOhn Rokos. John was kind enough to send me an early working prototype of the case system and I'm happy to say that I actually like this a lot! This is not a sponsored post, as a matter of disclosure, he just sent me a case to play with in the hopes of raising awareness about the project's (now fully funded but still open) Kickstarter pre-orders.

The basic premise is that it's an iPhone-shaped case with a cutout on the back that allows an Apple Wallet (or the OpenCase wallet) to sit securely inside, attached to the back of your device. This prevents the biggest disaster scenario with Apple's system: your case slipping off or getting knocked off of the back of your iPhone. This has happened to me quite a bit! Apple's notifications now help a lot because they'll tell you when and where your wallet got popped off – but it's not ideal in any case.

This cutout also has the byproduct of letting the wallet sit closer to the phone, reducing the overall thickness of your phone with wallet by 2.5mm or so. In my experience this greatly improves hold comfort.

opencase and accessories on a table

The material quality is good already, and Rokos says they're improving it as they go. The buttons are metal, as is the camera surround, and they're nicely anodized. All normal MagSafe accessories fit in the cutout on the back of the case and it attaches just fine to Apple's MagSafe pucks and my Twelve South stands.

Rokos is also producing his own wallet, which I find to be a tiny bit more roomy than Apple's, making cards a bit easier to get out. There's even a 'filler plate' option for when you want the standard case feel. The filler plate does have a small but noticeable gap all around its edges once installed, but Rokos tells me that they're working to make it fit perfectly.

There's even a clever MagSafe attaching 'PopHolder' that clips in and out as easy as the other accessories. I've found myself clipping this on for reading Kindle in bed with one hand, popping it off and putting the blank plate in for desk top use and then slipping my wallet in when I head out the door. The PopHolder is currently a combination of vac forming and 3D printing, but Rokos hopes to upgrade that plate if there's enough interest in it.

opencase iPhone case and popholder accessory

The whole system is quite clever and the build quality is really solid even this early which gives me some confidence that the final product should be very good. Plus, Tom from Studio Neat is helping out with some consulting on the project and they know a lot about getting physical products to market.

You should check it out over on Kickstarter. With the caveat, of course, that hardware is hard so back any project at your own risk.