Hey, I’m joining TipTop

Hey, I’m joining TipTop

After a few months being able to consider some options and have some great discussions, I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined TipTop. It’s a really damn cool startup that turns your old electronics into cash, instantly. 

If you know me you know how much this aligns with so many of my, well, obsessions. 

As an inveterate member of the sneakerhead universe I know just how painful selling – and buying stuff – on the Internet can be. When I saw what TipTop was up to (thanks Drew for sending me the beta) I knew I had to talk to the founder, Bastian Lehmann. 

I knew Bastian a bit from his time as founder of Postmates, and when we started jamming I felt his passion for the mission. He laid out the things that TipTop wants to do. All of them are super cool and also very, very hard to pull off. 

At TechCrunch, my job involved a lot of people management and editorial decision making. But more than that it involved a lot of ideating, marketing, brainstorming and shipping of products. We made a ton of stuff for such a small team, and it was always my favorite part of the job. Now, I’m really stoked to get the chance to do the building part full time. 

In my seat at TC, I got an extremely broad first hand view of how hard startups are, but also how much joy there is in building things that people love. Though there were other options on the table for me that probably seemed like more of an obvious choice, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what TipTop could be. I took that as a sign.

TipTop has a small and smart as hell team that I’ve gotten to know a bit and I’m incredibly excited to see what we can do together. I’ll probably be writing about building – from the inside – on here too as it’s definitely something I obsess about.

For now, I’d love for you to download TipTop, give it a try and if you love it rate it in the App Store. I hear that’s important.